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Treatment of dark circles under the eyes
The main cause of dark circles under the eyes is a problem with the lower eyelid structure.
We fundamentally resolve or mitigate the symptoms of this structural problem.
Treatment of bags under the eyes
The cause of bags under the eyes is the forward prolapse of the lower eyelid fat accompanying aging. We appropriately remove this excess fat to mitigate the bags under the eyes.
Treatment of sagging above the eyes and droopy eyelids
The sagging above the eyes is caused by the drooping of the superior orbital fat or sagging of the skin itself. The treatment appropriately removes the excess superior orbital fat or excess skin. Droopy eyelids can be caused by relaxing of the upper eyelid elevator muscle from wearing hard contacts for many years or the drooping of the upper eyelid caused by aging. This symptom can be mitigated by shortening the upper eyelid elevator muscle.
Treatment of sagging cheeks (smaller looking face)
Sagging cheeks are caused by drooping of the cheek fat (buccal fat) deep under the cheeks and the loosening of the cheek skin itself. Depending on the symptoms, we will remove the cheek fat (buccal fat) or lift up the skin.
Face anti-aging treatment comprehensively using
the above minimally invasive surgeries

As the aging of society progresses, increasingly more people want to always look young.
In the case of Japanese people, the aging of the face begins with sagging around the eyes and cheeks.
We provide a balanced treatment in combination with the above surgeries to improve the youthful look of your face.

Reasons treatment for dark circles
and bags under the eyes are popular

No after-effects

We obtain natural results without aftereffects, such as scarring, because we do not cut the skin. And the effects are permanent.

No downtime

There is very little downtime (time until you can return to your regular social activities) and the treatment results are good and hardly noticeable to others.

Anti-aging effect

Not only are the dark circles and bags under your eyes removed, but the upper eyelid sunken look and opening of the eyes are also improved to obtain an anti-aging (looking younger) effect for the entire face.