Dr. Kubo



Apr 1991 Received medical license (No.342878)
Mar 1996 Received medical science PhD. (Hokkaido University Graduate School No.3779)
Apr 1996 Became a member of the Japanese Orthopedic Association
May 1996 Received the USA Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Certificate No.0-533-189-7
Jun 2000 Received the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture recognized Japan Sports Association Sports Doctor license (No.2000003)
Jun 2001 Became a member of the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Mar 2009 Receive a Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recognized Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist (No.235)

Dr. Kubo's English paper on CUVO's original cheek sagging treatment was published in a top-ranked American journal of plastic surgery.

The recent progress in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine is truly amazing. There is the ever-increasing possibility of looking younger through a variety of techniques from medical treatment to aesthetic plastic surgery.

After graduating from the Hokkaido University Faculty of Medicine and completing training at the affiliated hospital, I attended the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA, which is a leader in micro plastic surgery, to acquire the techniques and knowledge necessary for aesthetic plastic surgery. After returning to Japan, I served as director of Shibuya branch of the Jujin Hospital where I gained experience consulting with a great many patients. In the process I became acutely aware of the huge gap between Japan and America in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. This experience gave me the dream of providing medical service in Japan that rivaled the anti-aging and aesthetic medicine available in America.

I want to actively introduce the constantly evolving leading-edge technics from Europe and America to Japan and provide the highest level of aesthetic medicine to meet the genuine desire of people to look beautiful. I also want to advance comprehensive anti-aging treatments that transcend the current confines of internal medicine and surgery. I cannot achieve this dream alone, however. I believe it is only possible to provide true care for the body and mind when I have used my abilities as a doctor to the utmost based on a relationship of trust with the clients we serve. The mission of CUVO is to achieve true youthfulness and beauty together with our clients by correctly sharing the latest information on aesthetic medicine.