CUVO original cheek sagging treatment


There are several methods for making the face smaller. They are given below.

Bone shaving treatment: This treatment shaves down the bones that form the profile of the face, such as the jaw or the cheek bones, so the doctor must carefully determine if the procedure is appropriate for the patient.
This is major surgery that requires general anesthesia.
Method that reduces the amount of muscle on the bones: To reduce the amount of muscle, Botox injections are given to the muscle on the jaw bone called the masseter muscle to slim down the profile of the lower face. Method that reduces the fat under the skin: There is fat under the skin above the muscle on the lower half of the face. Liposuction is effective when the layer of fat under the skin is thick. A small incision is made about 5 mm next to the ear through which the liposuction tube is inserted to appropriately remove the fat to make the face smaller.
Method that removes the buccal fat (cheek fat) that lies deep in the cheek: This method is effective for improving the so-called "inflated lower face."

Cheek fat (buccal fat) removal

An illustration will be used to simply explain the buccal fat removal method.

When there is buccal fat, the area below the cheeks tends to look a little inflated as shown in Fig.1. The presence of buccal fat is one of the causes of cheek sagging that occurs starting in middle age.