Aesthetic Plastic Surgery・Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery・Aesthetic Dermatology We introduce the latest aesthetic medicine information to meet the simple desire of people to look young and beautiful. This clinic also promotes comprehensive anti-aging treatment that extends across the boundaries between internal medicine and surgery.

Clinic hours
10:00 to 19:00
(Reception closes at 18:00)

(Every week)

Consultation in English

Ginza CUVO conducts consultations and care in English. Dr. Kubo has received medical licensing from the United States of America and has received US and European medical training from the perspective the client. Ginza CUVO quickly obtains the latest aesthetic medicine information and techniques through its overseas network and utilizes them to Japan.

Cosmetic medicine, accept health insurance

Although aesthetic plastic surgery is minor plastic surgery for which treatment with surgery is not performed, in principle it is not covered by health insurance. However, minor skin disorder treatment (removing moles or spots through laser treatment) is covered by insurance. Please feel free to consult with us about your general skin-related concerns.

  1. Continuously validate what is the best treatment and service to provide the treatment that makes clients glad they selected this clinic.
  2. Contribute to the healthy life of our clients by providing general anti-aging care as well as aesthetic treatment.
  3. Respectfully listen to what our clients say and strive ourselves to keep learning and growing as the ones who are providing the treatment.
  4. Interact in a courteous and friendly manner with everyone associated with the clinic including the vendors that serve us as well as our clients.
  5. The treatment performed by the clinic is conducted with courtesy giving priority to resolving the client's concerns rather than just to make a profit.


Our client-oriented concept is expressed by the clinic as well as by the procedures. A quality atmosphere is created by mid-century style furniture and the lighting that was designed to be visually pleasing and mentally relaxing. We provide sincere hospitality to all of our clients.The clinic environment allows you to relax to maximize your beauty. This is all based on the procedure concept of Ginza CUVO.

The satisfaction that is provided
by a reservation-only clinic

Ginza CUVO is a reservations only clinic. In principle we will not make our clients waste their valuable time by waiting. For the short amount of time that clients might wait, the waiting area offers quality espresso, herb tea, mineral water, and other drinks for your pleasure.

Concept of listening carefully
to our clients

Ginza CUVO believes that counseling is very important. We listen carefully to our clients to fully understand what they want. We then appropriately communicate the information about the treatment in an easy-to-understand manner. This of course is just common sense. We are serious about providing customer-oriented treatment.