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Hair removal


Medical institutions have a duty to provide safe and effective hair removal to clients who trust the medical institution.
Compared to needle hair removal (electric hair removal), recently more people have been undergoing laser hair removal because it is less expensive, has a shorter procedure time, and entails little pain.
The origin of laser hair removal was the incidental observation that hair stopped growing back after laser treatment to remove birthmarks, spots, and moles.
Of the many laser hair removal devices available, there are doubts whether the non-medical devices can effectively remove hair because they are not powerful enough to sufficiently penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

In addition, needle hair removal hurts a lot and often causes trouble with pigment deposition. Removing the hair yourself (shaving, tweezing, hair removal cream, etc.) requires much time, is a hassle, and can also cause skin trouble, so it is not recommended.
Compared to this, the laser devices used by medical institutions for laser hair removal can be relied upon for effective removal.
When the laser is shown on the skin, the laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair roots causing them to heat up and become damaged, which removes the hair.
The laser is especially effective on thick, dark hair and you can see the results after each treatment.
You no longer have the troubles from removing the hair yourself, such as razor cuts and pigment deposition, and not only does the hair go away, but the pores are more closed than before the procedure, giving the skin a more refined appearance.

Since there is little burden on the skin, laser hair removal is a safe way to remove hair from people with sensitive skin.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Noticeable effectiveness

Laser hair removal works well with dark, stiff hair. Most people can see the results after one treatment.
Even people who did not experience the expected results from needle hair removal or beauty salon intense pulsed light hair removal can expect satisfying results.

Little pain

When stiff hair is concentrated, like the beard hairs in men, there is a tendency to experience strong pain.
Unlike needle hair removal, which inserts the needle into each pore to zap the hair with electricity, laser hair removal just shines the laser light on the skin in combination with a simultaneously operating cooling device to mitigate the pain and relieve the concerns of people with sensitive skin.

Safe and effective

The doctor will make fine settings such as adjusting the laser power to match the skin color and hair type of each person to safely and effectively remove the hair.

In the event of trouble

Rarely there occur symptoms similar to acne after hair removal. In the event skin trouble occurs, the medical institution can quickly and appropriately provide medication, so clients need not be concerned.

Gentle on the skin

Laser hair removal does not react on the surface of the skin but rather on the dark hairs in the pores, so there is little damage to the skin. This procedure can even be performed on people with sensitive or atopic skin.

You can shave

Unlike needle hair removal, laser hair removal does not require you to let the hair grow first.
You can receive the hair removal treatment even when the area has been shaved, so the procedure can be performed over a wide area in a short time.
You can shave as usual before and after the procedure.


You will save money by reducing the number of times you will have to purchase razors or electric shavers and you can save time by not having to shave in the morning not to mention not having to worry about razor cuts.
The cost of the procedure is not so high considering the satisfaction you will have and the freedom from concern.
All things considered, this is a reasonable hair removal method.

Reasons medical laser hair removal is recommended

We recommend worry-free and effective hair removal by a medical institution rather than just temporary hair reduction.

  Clinic Beauty Salon
Laser hair removal uses fine power settings to ensure safe and effective hair removal through the use of strong power. The devices used for intense pulsed light hair removal have weak power settings and thus cannot effectively remove hair.
Cost The cost per treatment appears high, but the total number of treatments is less because the treatments positively remove the hair. The cost per treatment is low, but the total cost becomes high due to limited free retreatment periods and the treatment being sold as part of a set plan.
Effect The laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair root, which damages the hair root so that it cannot grow hair. Most of the devices only warm the deep layers of the skin, which can slow hair growth, but there is a high possibility the hair will regrow.
Medical institutions do not solicit sales. The inexpensive price is made up for by soliciting of sales for other areas or set plans.
These devices require approval by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and can only be used by medical institutions. Unapproved devices are used, so there are concerns about safety and effectiveness.
Safety A doctor is always present, so measures can be taken quickly in the event of trouble. If trouble occurs the only thing the beauty salon can do is recommend the client go to the hospital.
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